Welcome to FixMyNix, a blog  about  tweaking, troubleshooting and customizing your GNU/Linux or *NIX system in an unique way.  Also a great source of awesome articles for your curious mind.


All tips and tweaks provided by FixMyNix are written from scratch after extensive testing and targeted to work on most  *NIX systems. Articles are written simply with an easy to digest approach and most them are quite unique.


So, how FixMyNix is started ? Of course, to share our experience with  awesome people like you. Started by a single person backed by many friends both technically and ethically. Our long term goal is to make the society aware about the usability of  GNU/Linux, UNIX and FOSS projects and take full advantage of them.


Currently most tutorials are tested on Debian based GNU/Linux distros,only and only due to lack of hardware and a fast internet connection, but they could be easily implemented on other UNIX like systems as well.


Hope you’ll find it useful and enjoyable to read,Stay in touch with US, want to say something ? Here is the contact page.


Finally, hey thanks for your patience and willingness to read this, if you are in hurry to say something, mail me to as.work0(at)gmail.com, thanks and regards:- Arnab Satapathi.